India 1 st Edition

SDG – Simuladores e Modelos de Gestão, will organize Global Management Challenge in India, in association with it’s local partner – Sanskar Educational Group. The competition will give unique opportunity to all company executives (Corporate Teams) and university students (Student Teams) of the country to showcase their managerial potential at an International Stage.

Why Participate in Global Management Challenge India ?

  • A Program that goes beyond Traditional Training Programs: Global Management Challenge goes beyond traditional programs by providing the participants complete control over a virtual company operating in a competitive environment.  This directly benefits the sponsoring corporates by developing broad based skills of their participating staff such as communication, time management, forecasting, what-if analysis.
  • Benchmark Staff Performance: Global Management Challenge places teams from one company against those of other companies and universities in the country. The layout of the competition provides excellent opportunity for companies to assess their teams’ performance against other teams from their own company and against teams from other companies.
  • Enhance Cross – Functional Understanding : Participants in Global Management Challenge have the opportunity to make decisions for management positions other than those they are responsible for in real life. This cross functional understanding enables staff members to better co-operate with their colleagues in other departments benefiting the company in improved decision making, better teamwork and enhanced productivity.
  • Promotion and Branding: Corporates that sponsor staff members to take part in Global Management Challenge are seen as progressive companies that provide innovative learning experience to their staff members and benefit from association with a prestigious initiative. Winning teams and their mentors get exclusive invite to the launch and the awards event where corporates have a chance to meet other organizations and broaden their networks.
  • Enhance Social Contacts within the Company: Global Management Challenge provides opportunity to the participants to work in a team and ideally teams should comprise staff from different disciplines. By working in a team drawn from different departments, staff get to better know colleagues in their own company and often forge long lasting friendships.
  • Motivate and Retain: Global Management Challenge, with its innovative form of training not only helps staff see their own work in a different perspective, it also demonstrates to them the interest and investment of their employer, fostering a sense of belonging in the staff and helps contribute to staff motivation and retention.

Competition Timeline:

Global Management Challenge India – Awards and Recognitions

  International Final Trophy Special Mention Certificates
Winning Team of the Competition Yes Yes Yes Yes
2nd Rank Team of the Competition - Yes Yes Yes
3rd Rank Team of the Competition - Yes Yes Yes
4th – 8th Rank Team of the Competition - - Yes Yes
Corporate Teams – Qualified for National Finals - - - Yes
Student Teams – Qualified for National Finals - - - Yes